MHD designs and produces predesigned prefabricated homes built and constructed on a modular shipping container platform.  MHD’s homes are primarily distributed through a network of local realtors, company-owned retailers, residential developers as well as a strategy to enter the DIY retail market.  MHD’s homes utilize eco-friendly and sustainable materials to the environment and also offer an estimated 30% reduction in completion time over conventional “stick built” homes.

MHD produce our homes in a variety of floor plans. MHD’s homes are mostly single or two-story and generally range in size from approximately 1,500 to 3,000 square feet, some maybe larger in the case of multi-level modular homes.

We construct our homes using an assembly-line process in which each module (Sleep, Eat, Entertain) are assembled in stages.  Our assembly-line process is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate significant customization, as requested by our customers.  Each home typically contains a living room, dining area, kitchen, one to five bedrooms and one or more bathrooms. Also MHD’s homes are equipped with central heating, hot water systems, kitchen appliances, carpet and window treatments.  Feature upgrades include fireplaces, geo-thermal heating and cooling, solar tile roofing, custom cabinetry, granite countertops and other energy conservations elements.  With our manufacturing facility centered strategically positioned in the center of the U.S., we utilize local market research to design homes to meet the demands of our customers.  We have the ability to react and modify floor plans and designs to consumers’ specific needs.  By offering a full range of homes from entry-level models to large home and with the ability to engineer designs in-house, we can accommodate virtually any customers’ request. Our homes provide environmentally-friendly maintenance requirements, generally lower utility costs, specially designed ventilation systems, and best use of space.

Our modular homes are constructed and equipped in our factory.  The finished home is then primarily transported by independent trucking companies either to a retail sales center, planned community, housing development, work site or the customer’s site.  Other independent installers or our installers are responsible for placing the home on site and, in most instances, arranging for connections to utilities and providing installation and finish-out services.

We plan to constantly introduce new floor plans, decors, exteriors, features and accessories to appeal to changing trends in different regions of the country.  Our factory-built homes are designed after reviewing field research and consumer feedback.  We have developed engineering systems which, through the use of computer-aided technology, permit customization of home designs and assist with product development and enhancement.  We work with a variety of partners, meeting and expanding our range of housing needs from a home buyer’s private land to planned developments.